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The Value of Lesser Worn Swiss Watch Brands

The Value of Lesser Worn Swiss Watch Brands

Those who wear luxury watch brands oftentimes make purchases based on a well-known name, just to claim bragging rights and, at their worst, to keep pace with those around them who wear luxury Swiss watches. However, what's most popular isn't always what's most fashionable. Two watchmakers, Ulysse Nardin and Graham Watches, prove that a unique appearance outweighs what's declared as the most popular.

What Swiss Watch Companies Have in Common

Swiss watch companies all have one thing in common–they manufacturer watches that focus on craftsmanship and style. Swiss watch companies produce pieces that quickly become a staple in the wardrobes of elite men and women. Swiss watch manufacturers take into consideration all elements of their watches to ensure consumers receive a timepiece that's comprised of high-quality materials while still making a bold fashion statement.

Reasons to Choose a Lesser Known Brand

A watch with a unique look is awe-inspiring. It tends to generate more compliments than a piece that's been seen on a number of people. This is especially true for watches from Ulysse Nardin or Graham Watches.

A piece with a distinctive look is timeless while a standard luxury watch goes out of style, or at least loses some style points being on the wrists of so many people. When you select a watch from a lesser known worn watch company, you're able to wear the timepiece for years to come because it doesn't follow the guidelines for what's trendy.

The value of a piece from Ulysse Nardin or Graham Watches will always remain high. As a piece ages, the value of a traditional luxury watch will decrease over time because the worth of timepiece is based on the rarity of it. Therefore, when you choose a luxury timepiece that's not as frequently purchased, there are less remaining when it's passed down, so your predecessors receive a piece that's valued much higher than when originally purchased.

Anyone who is a watch connoisseur knows the value of watches that aren't as common. As noted by Business Insider, the Freak Cruiser from Ulysse Nardin is valued at $87,500. It combines moving parts with bursts of color. The Robb Report also rated Ulysse Nardin as one of the 25 most innovative brand. Graham Watches constantly changes their style. Sometimes, pieces have bold and large features while others have smaller and more delicate features. These changes in Graham watch designs intrigue those who understand the beauty behind luxury watch brands.

Purchasing pre-owned Ulysse Nardin watches or a new Graham watch allows you to enhance your style while adding a rare piece to your collection. These watches will increase in value over time while also turning heads in the present. Anyone who truly knows watches will acknowledge the value of watches from these companies.

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