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Celebrities That Love Patek Philippe - Watchfinder Canada

Celebrities That Love Patek Philippe - Watchfinder Canada

Patek Philippe is one of the most loved timepieces in the television industry. Many actors, comedians and other celebrities have in their collections at least one of the famous models of the Patek watch. There are a lot of different reasons why everyone buys Patek Philippe but the main ones have to be the Patek Philippe history, the investment value, the elegant designs etc. 

Before we get into the direct names of celebrities that love Patek Philipe we are gonna know more about the top five reasons why collectors love Patek Philippe. 

5 reasons collectors love Patek Philippe

  • The scarcity. To own a Patek Philippe it means that you have entered the exclusive club of the watch collectors. Patek Philippe produces a very limited number of watches. Their work is tremendously detailed and because of that, even the most basic Patek Philippe requires nine months to make. Some of Patek Philippe’s high-end watches are super exclusive that require buyers to submit an application in order to be able to get a special timepiece. 
  • The design. The main reason why Patek Philippe has earned this name in the watchmaking community is the unrivaled design that they can make. Starting from the real design beauty and genius of Patek Philippe that lies in its movements and finishing on the visual part of the watch we all love. Every little part of a Patek is handmade by the masters of watchmaking. If you buy a Patek Philippe it is not gonna go unnoticed, not only from the watch fanatics but also from the others.
  • The investment value. Patek Philippe in comparison with every other watch brand is able to maintain the resale value the best or even better to increase it with time. If you sell your Patek Philippe in auctions you have a high possibility to sell it at double the price of the initial value. 
  • The Patek Philippe DNA. Patek Philippe has a unique way to build the most exclusive timepieces. Everything is made by the hand of a specialist with often solid pieces of platinum or gold. Patek Philippe has its own traditional watchmaking techniques that they use over all the years they have in the industry. All the secrets are transmitted with fanaticism from one generation to another.  
  • The archives. Patek Philippe has the most organized archives of their watches since 1839. These archives save very important information about every watch. In these archives, you can’t find every previous owner but the main ones like the royal family or other celebrities have a part in your watch history. 
  • 5 Celebs and their Patek Philippe Watches

    The archives of the Patek Philippe are growing a lot at this time and day by our most loved and well-known celebrities like Jason Statham, Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Pitt etc. Let’s have a look at some of these celebrities and what model of Patek Philippe they have got. 


    Since the beginning, the rappers were always interested in expensive and rare jewelry. Drake, one of the most famous rappers, has preferred the Patek Philippe Nautilus. An exclusive timepiece with only 1300 pieces made that are sold with a starting retailing price of $96,300. We can only imagine the price that this watch can have now.

    Ellen DeGeneres

    Ellen DeGeneres is now known for her love for watches. She has been spotted many times wearing different models of Patek Philippe but one of the most noticeable was the Patek Philippe Nautilus 57II/IA in 2016. Ellen Patek was a less popular color than the blue. The white of her watch makes it even cooler.

    Jason Statham

    One of the most known action movie actors, Jason Statham, also a big fan of watches prefers an elegant timepiece that strengthens, even more, his appearance. He was spotted wearing the 5980A timepiece with a 40.5mm case. 

    Victoria Beckham

    Victoria Beckham is now a known businesswoman and fashion icon. Looks like she likes her Patek Philippe watches. She was recently seen rocking a Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800/1 in yellow gold that was combined with a beautiful black ribbed dial.

    Conor McGregor

    Conor McGregor since starting to make good money off the UFC has bought himself many totally worth gifts. One of those gifts was a super limited timepiece produced by Patek Philippe. The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph Ref. 5905P has just 25 copies ever created. 

    The rare Patek Philippe of Conor has cost just over $100,000. 

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