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3 Key Qualities to Look for in a Swiss Watch

It's no secret that Switzerland has become entwined with the most prestigious watch brands in the world. Their reverence for luxury watches is so interconnected, the mere mention of "Swiss" on the watch is associated with quality to the buyer without a second thought. Counterfeit dealers, unfortunately, have caught onto this, and their content targets often settle for the forged versions at their suspiciously low prices. Real Swiss made watches, however, last from generation to generation. Here's how the shrewd shopper can identify genuine Swiss watches below.

Quality #1: Is the Watch Made in Switzerland?

The question seems obvious, but it's more complicated than otherwise thought. A number of rules and regulations established by the Swiss government determine when a watch can state it's made in Switzerland and when it cannot. A truly Swiss watch, such as Ulysse Nardin , must have at least 50% of its parts made in Switzerland. Otherwise, the watch is considered to be outsourced.

Quality #2: Genuine Swiss Movement

Was the watch engineered with ETA movement or COSC movement? These Switzerland-based high standards are the hallmark of true Swiss craftsmanship. Other genuine Swiss companies, such as Patek Philippe, calibrate their watches with their own in-house movements, and their watches are highly sought after. All these examples will have the words "Swiss Made" engraved at six o'clock on the watch face. This engraving is not to be confused by the words "Swiss Movt," which means that the imitated movement was built into the watch at another country such as China or Japan. Discount department stores often sell "Swiss Movt" watches.

Quality #3: Fake vs. Real

Oftentimes it takes a well-trained eye for an individual to spot a phony from the real deal by the exterior of a watch alone, but there are a few other aspects to consider. A genuine Swiss watch will have weight to it for one thing, and not feel like a trinket when you're wearing it. Also, check for the validity of the metals. Is the watch made from genuine stainless steel, fine silver, and gold like this Rolex watch? Real metal composition makes a difference in spotting true Swiss watches from the fake ones.

Shopping for a Swiss Watch

It's beneficial to get a professional to determine whether a Swiss watch is indeed genuine, but thankfully there are a few measures you can take. With patience, persistence, and a little background on the brand's company history, you'll become your own 'professional' as you become accustomed to determining the “real McCoy” that you come to expect in the longevity and craftsmanship of a true Swiss luxury watch.

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