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Why Watches Will Never Go Out of Style

Trends come and go, but classic style is forever. Based on this axiom, many fashion powerhouses behind bestselling luxury watches launch ingenious marketing campaigns, which never cease to attract the attention of stylish, deep-pocketed consumers. 

Classic Watches Are Here to Stay 

No one can question the eternal appeal and practicality of classic timepieces, considering that the oldest models listed in this category have survived technological breakthroughs, wars, and trend crazes over the past 500 years. 

3 Reasons Why Watches Will Always Be Considered Must-Haves 

Even in the era of speed, when many millennials turn their attention to smart watches, the supremacy of iconic, elegant wristwatches rolled out by legendary brands such as Zenith, Rolex, and Breitling cannot be contested or threatened. Here’s why. 

1. They Are the Epitome of Style and Class. In modern times, when we are defined by our choices in terms of clothing and accessories, a luxury watch such as a Brietling or a Rolex can say many things about our background, interests, personal style, and lifestyle choices. Bold and refined, or simple and sophisticated, these watches display a timeless design that complements both casual and formal attires, and constitute magnificent, high-value pieces that can become family heirlooms. 

2. They Are Versatile, Aesthetically Pleasing, and Functional. As innovative, fun, and easy to use as they may seem, smartwatches have their limitations, including a design that looks first-generation, and doesn’t exactly turn heads. 

Chunky and thick, these models often fail to raise the interest of buyers interested in luxury timepieces, such as a masculine, elegant Rolex, a Zenith, or a Patek Philippe, which display superior craftsmanship, passion for aesthetics and functionality, and the greatest attention to detail. In terms of practicality, smart watches also fall behind classic timepieces, considering that these gadgets have obvious drawbacks, including the fact that they have to be charged each night, so users couldn’t possibly wear them non-stop.

3. They Never Get Old. Fervent collectors will seldom consider investing in a smart watch for a very simple reason: these gadgets will rapidly be outpaced and replaced by newer models displaying a more generous package of cool features. While it can’t monitor your heart rate or your sleep pattern, a high-end classic watch will never lose its appeal and practicality. In time, it can actually increase its financial value and desirability, enabling its owner to see it as a clever long-term investment, sell it at a profit to an enthusiastic collector, or pass it on to his younger family members. 

Certain iconic watches are worth more than a mansion and/or a luxury sports car. For instance, you would have to sell no less than 3.5 Bugatti Veyrons to get your hands on The Patek Caliber 89. With two faces, tourbillion, and an impressive number of mechanisms and parts, the stunning Vacheron Tour de l’Ile is also more expensive than a Ferrari, and will only increase in value in the future.

For these reasons, it’s safe to say that luxury watches launched by prestigious brands, such as a Rolex, Vacheron, or Breitling, are timeless accessories that deserve to occupy a privileged spot in one’s collection of luxury must-haves.


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