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Top 5 Rolex Watches To Invest In for 2023

Top 5 Rolex Watches To Invest In for 2023

When it comes to Rolex watch prices, this year has been interesting. After the first quarter of 2022, several references' prices started to decline. After a time of constant hype, some people referred to it as a "price correction. After all, some Rolex watches still cost two or three times as much as they did at retail.

Reduced costs also make it unclear whether investing in a Rolex would still be profitable. Making significant money with watches is typically a waiting game, as I've always mentioned. Additionally, there are absolutely no certainties given the state of the market. Nevertheless, we've identified five Rolex models that may see price increases in the future. 

Additionally, we refer to a longer time frame when we say "across time. " When it comes to achieving a significant return on your investment, there are absolutely no shortcuts. This list is intended to include a number of timepieces that are probably more reasonably priced right now than they will be in a year. Some of them are obvious options, while others might surprise you. 

GMT-Master II Rolex Reference 16710

The renowned Rolex GMT-Master ref 1675 was the last item on my list of probable wise investments from the previous year. Prices for this reference have increased during the past twelve months. Particularly during the past few months, the appreciation has been astounding. The contemporary iteration of this vintage clock is where I want to start this new list. 

Rolex Submariner Reference 16610

The next watch is a Rolex Submariner that I previously discussed in this series of articles. If you think about what you get for your money and its exceptional potential to develop in value, it's simple to include it again: the stunning Rolex Submariner ref 16610. Particularly when compared to contemporary Submariners with ceramic bezels, the ref 16610 is a deal.

Let me reiterate the qualities that make this watch such a fantastic choice. From 1988 to 2010, the Submariner ref 16610 was in production. Rolex made a number of minor improvements during these 20 years. The transition from tritium lume to LumiNova and subsequently Super-LumiNova in the late 1990s was one of the most significant. 

Rolex Datejust Reference 16234

We're continuing with budget-friendly timepieces and switching to the Rolex Datejust. For many, the Datejust is a terrific watch for practically any occasion as well as an affordable entry point into the world of Rolex. The Datejust is appropriate for both casual and formal settings. 

This Datejust release was a development for the model because it included a sapphire crystal while yet retaining its vintage appearance. The exquisite appearance of the Datejust was completely altered in later iterations by the addition of beefier lugs. All of them provide a timepiece with a retro aesthetic and the contemporary conveniences of the 3135 calibers and a sapphire crystal. This is a fantastic option that will undoubtedly gain popularity over time.

Rolex Explorer II Reference 16570

The Rolex Explorer II ref 16570 was also included in a previous list of timepieces that might appreciate in value. Therefore, if you intend to wear the watch and wait to see if its value rises over time, this can be a terrific choice. In light of the fact that it is the final 40-mm Explorer II, this will be the case.

Before the new, larger Explorer II ref 216570 was introduced in 2011, Rolex produced the Explorer II ref 16570 for a total of 22 years. This watch came with either a white "polar" dial or a black dial. Rolex changed the white gold hour markers' outlines around this model to black ones, which really stand out against the white background. 

Rolex Explorer II Reference 1655

Another Rolex Explorer II, namely the first generation of the model, is the choice for last on this list. The watch falsely bears the moniker "Steve McQueen," despite the fact that the legendary actor was never photographed wearing it. In any event, it's a fantastic timepiece that merits all the attention it receives. The clock represented Rolex's advancement in the Explorer watch series. 

The ref 1655 was created with speleologists and other cave explorers in mind when it was first released in 1971. The watch's unique design deviated from the standard Explorer by including a 24-hour bezel and an additional hand to display the time on a 24-hour scale. This scale was added by Rolex to the enormous orange hand to represent a second-time zone on a 24-hour scale. 

Although the addition of a second scale can be perplexing, these design peculiarities are frequently highly valued in the Rolex universe. Since the dial offers something exceptional besides GMT performance, I adore its style.

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