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Omega Seamaster vs Tudor Black Bay

Omega Seamaster vs Tudor Black Bay

In the diving watch category, a natural rivalry encountered by many watch buyers is the Omega or Tudor, commonly the Seamaster and Black Bay models.

What is the real contrast between these two watches?

Read on to learn more as we set up Omega Seamaster vs. Tudor Black Bay..

Omega Seamaster


The Omega Seamaster dates back to the end of World War II when Omega was conducting marine watches for the British military. Specifically, the creation of a more waterproof seal in the showcase led to the release of the Seamaster in 1948 in the wider commercial watch market.

Omega was marketed for explorers rather than just divers and even climbed to the outside of an aircraft and flew over the North Pole in 1956.

The now-famous Seamaster diving style is today packed with the latest technology and enjoys a reputation for being reliable as well as smart to wear.

The iconic stamped dial is a hallmark of an authentic Seamaster. Illuminated watch symbols and hand tips with unique hollow cavities are another Omega brand.

Under the hood

The 2500 caliber chronometers are typically found in old Seamasters, with 2015 models bragging a full Master Chronometer 8800 with METAS and COSC certification, and a 60-hour power reserve.

Omega introduced the first mass-produced watch that included coaxial escape, a significant advance in watches. These functions require virtually no lubrication, which eliminates a large failure point in the previous hours.

On the wrist

The Omega Seamaster boasts a case-control diameter of 42 mm, which fits best on medium to large wrists. The Seamaster is available in steel, titanium, and gold and harkens back to 1957 in style but with a completely modern finish.

Who wears it best?

James Bond is the most well-known of all Omega lovers, sporting the Seamaster Quartz Professional in the 1995 movie GoldenEye. In later movies, Bond for a more refined look wore the Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer.

Today’s James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, still wears the Omega Seamaster Professional 300M model and even mentions it by name at Casino Royale. Other Omega Seamaster sport lighting fixtures include NCIS actor Mark Harmon, the zookeeper, Joe Biden, Jack Hanna, Prince William, Stone Cold Steve Austin and John F. Kennedy to name a few.

Tudor Black Bay


Inspired by parent brand Rolex, Tudor Black Bay is inspired by the rich history of the Rolex Submariner model, the style created by purpose and iconic status.

Although Tudor is a newer brand, it pays homage beautifully to the early Rolex diving hours that erupted on stage in the 1950s and 60s. Water-resistant to 200 meters, Black Tudor Bay has a predominantly winding crown, a model signature.

The call features a dome as a conspicuous attribute, with an impressive matte finish on the dial and a rotating frame and snow hands. Black Tudor Bay is known for its wide range of metallic bracelet style belt options, antique leather finishes and canvas fabric styles.

Under the hood

Today’s Tudor Black Bay models include an MT5602 caliber, COSC certified movement originally introduced in 2015 as the brand’s first official in-house movement. The movement gives an impressive 70-hour energy reserve and a balance spring made of non-magnetic silicon.

On the wrist

The Tudor Black bay, at 41 mm, is slightly smaller than the Omega Seamaster, so small, medium or large wrists are comfortable in the model. The Black Bay has an overall feeling of good quality, thanks in part to the satin finish on the pits, the very smooth sides and the extra-large wrap crown.

Who wears it better?

Who would dare argue with the All Blacks, the New Zealand rugby team who have partnered with Tudor Black Bay? Other famous fans include actor and rapper Will Smith, great footballer David Beckham, musician and Oscar winner Lady Gaga, among others

With this type of choice at relatively the same price point, it can be difficult to choose between Omega Seamaster vs Tudor Black Bay at first glance.

Those who want the iconic status of the watch brand, with a history of consistent quality, will go with James Bond's favorite, Omega Seamaster.

Others who want the unique look of a Rolex Submariner with a stylish twist will go for Tudor Black Bay. Still, others will take both, and why not?

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