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The Must-Have Fashion Accessory You Need This Year

The Must-Have Fashion Accessory You Need This Year

One may ask: in the era of versatile, innovative smart watches when no one actually needs a classic wristwatch to keep track of their time, why are we all so obsessed with iconic luxury designer watches? Here are four reasons that would justify our insatiable cravings for designer watches, including Hublot, Rolex, and Zenith watches.

1. Watches Are Functional, Chic and Convenient. For starters, very few successful people will tell you that they don’t need a wristwatch because they already own and use a phone. Here’s why: fishing for a phone through your pockets in the middle of an important meeting can make your colleagues question your interest, credibility, and even your manners. On the other hand, watches offer you a discreet, convenient method to check the time in any context and environment, including during a meeting or at a boring social event. 

2. Watches Are an Indicator of One’s Style and Taste. Iconic watches are often perceived as a symbol of masculinity, success, and unostentatiously elegant taste. They are a great indicator of one’s style and personality, and allow their wearers to introduce themselves without having to speak. 

3. Watches Reflect Membership in a Specific Social Club. Whether we’re talking about a superb Audemars Piguet, a Rolex, a Hublot, or a Swatch, all these highly recognizable brands and watch models enable their owners to reveal the fact that they’re a part of a certain club. High-end models are often interpreted as an indicator of success, prosperity, and an extravagant lifestyle, and give wearers the chance to indulge in an ideal dosage of luxury without drawing criticism.

4. Watches Reflect the Highest Level of Craftsmanship. From their well-made cuffs to their mechanisms and unique embellishments, luxury wristwatches reflect the perfect balance between the brand’s legacy and latest innovations. In most cases, several craftsmen work on the same piece for months in a row to put all its complex parts together, and turn it into an awe-inspiring piece of artwork that goes beyond its original time-telling purpose, and displays several additional features, such as stopwatch function, and moon phase complication. 

Timeless, appealing and practical, high-end designer watches are clearly the hottest men’s accessories for 2019, especially if they feature mechanical and design innovations, and have the lasting quality that can be passed on from one generation to another with great pride. 

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