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Are You Wearing the Right Watch With Your Suit?

Nothing says “elegance” more than a beautiful suit, finished with a classic timepiece. While the suit is a modern man’s armour, an unforgettable watch is the crest. 

Today, cultivating a classic, elegant look is all about simplicity. Gone are the days when you need to over-accessorize to make a statement. Ensuring that you select the right watch to wear with your suit is essential to putting your best fashion foot forward. 

The Ideal Watch for Grey Suits 

If you value functionality, style, expert craftsmanship, and watches that can add to, but not compete with a classic grey suit, you need a Ulysse Nardin. Known for their highly accurate marine chronometers, timepieces from this brand are ideal for diving enthusiasts, adventurers, and on-the-go professionals.

The 513 22/62 Marine Annual Chronograph is a good choice for busy individuals who want a low-key yet eye-catching piece that suits any outfit or any occasion. If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale and lavish, look no further than the Maxi Marine Diver, which includes silver and gold accents.

Watches for Relaxed Brown Suits 

Brown suits are common in laid-back and less formal settings. Just because a brown suit might not make it to your next partner’s meeting, however, doesn’t mean you can afford to slack on the watch. If you wear brown suits frequently, you need a versatile and stylish watch that can dress up your look. 

That’s where Audemars Piguet comes in. Known for their avant-garde styles and mechanical watches, this brand has made a name for itself for being one of the brands avid watch collectors search tirelessly for. 

For a look that’s as classic as it is comfortable, go for the Royal Oak- Quartz Mid-Size Gray Dial 30MM Solid 18K Gold watch, featuring diamonds set in its face. For a more laid-back look, opt for something with a simple brown strap, like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph. 

Luxury and Technology for Blue and Black Suits 

Blue and black suits are the ultimate in men’s formalwear, so a great watch is critical to accessorize your wardrobe. For these timeless looks, you can go two ways:  either wear a watch with a colored band for a pop of color, or choose a classic black-banded model, which looks elegant and doesn’t require you to dress it up. 

Hublot makes some fantastic watches for both options. Known throughout the world for their “Fusion” technology, this brand was the first to mix unique, one-of-a-kind and exotic materials with Swiss watchmaking traditions for a truly unique selection of pieces. 

For a pop of color, opt for the Hublot Aerofusion Cricket World Cub Gold chronograph, which features a stunning red strap.  For a more traditional black-banded variety, the Hublot Big Bang Red Gold Pave model will work beautifully. 

Classic Timepieces for Classic Looks

    When it comes to choosing a great watch, taking the style and color of your suits into account is critical. A great watch can take your outfit to the next level, while a mismatched one can cheapen your entire look.

    To learn more about luxury watches and find something that suits your unique style, visit Watchfinder today, and shop our extensive selection.



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