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Should I Buy a Luxury Watch Without the Box and Papers?

Collecting your favorite luxury Swiss watches is a labor of love, giving you the joy of collecting and wearing each new watch you own. Online trading has become a premier way to find new watches to add to your collection since the internet allows people to buy from dealers around the world. As a collector, considering whether the box and papers are important to own is one that has become a discussion for debate.

Luxury Watches Box and Papers

The internet can make watch collecting a little more risky than personally knowing a dealer and his reputation. The box and papers are proof of authenticity and reliability of the dealer. The topic of the box and papers has become a debatable one, with collectors seemingly split 50/50 on both sides of the issue. The internet seems to have added to the desire of owning the box and papers for proof. In the past, box and papers were regarded as similar to clothing tags, more of a nuisance that should be discarded.

Collecting Vintage Luxury Watches

Since many men would walk into a store, buy a watch and walk out wearing it, many vintage watches owners no longer have the box and papers. If you are interested in collecting vintage luxury watches such as used Graham, used Oris and used De Grisogono online, then you need to find reputable dealers you can trust. Collecting vintage watches is very enjoyable and you can feel confident with the right watch on your arm. However, you need to know that what you are buying is authentic, even without having the box and papers in hand.

How to Find Reputable Watch Dealers You Can Trust

Finding a dealer you can trust is the key to buying vintage luxury watches online. Therefore, it is important to research the dealer as much as you research the watches you collect. Here are some valuable tips on how to find a watch dealer you can trust.

Check how long the dealer has been in business and any registration that is necessary where it is located. If the business is legitimate, it will be registered.

Read reviews to determine the quality of interactions the dealer has with customers. Previous customers can tell you if the dealer has dealt with them fairly.

Does the dealer know the business? Good dealers especially in the used watch business know the details of the brands and watches that they sell. Their special knowledge is part of what keeps them in business. In lieu of papers, their preceding reputation is the confidence you need to buy a used watch.

How many times has this dealer sold the brand you want? Having a watch seller with extensive sales and knowledge means that they would never offer a fake or damaged watch for sale in their store, because it turn it would damage their reputation.

Buying Used Watches with Confidence

Once you have established that the dealer has an excellent reputation, you can buy used watches without the box and papers with confidence. You can also build a relationship with a reputable dealer to add to your collection the next time you are ready to buy. One such dealer is Watchfinder who is an expert seller of vintage and.

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