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Rolex Watches Aren't Just for the Boys

A common misconception people have about luxury watches, especially Rolex watches, is that they are made just for the boys. Sure, for years a Rolex watch being passed down from a grandfather to a grandson is a tradition that happens in families all across North America. As an heirloom, it has stood the test of time.

That being said, Rolex has long made watches for women. In fact, some of the marquee moments in the luxury Swiss brand’s history have been marked by their forays into women’s luxury jewellery. For nearly a century, women have worn Rolex watches and been a vital part of Rolex’s success. There are many Rolex watches that are a fit for any women. Here are a few below:

Lady Pearlmaster - The Pearlmaster epitomizes elegance and beauty. Yellow Gold diamonds and the pink face on this watch screams femininity and “girl power.” A favourite among women looking for that perfect piece to wear during a Sunday Brunch with the ladies, Rolex has a true, limited edition piece for a bold and beautiful woman to drape her wrist with.

Rolex Oyster - Despite this watch sporting, “All Gold Everything,” the Oyster really does have a bit of understatement to it. The diamonds are beautifully added to the yellow gold case and, from a distance, gives that Gold watch look without looking too gaudy. For a woman who enjoys luxury and a little flash, you won’t find a better watch on the market. Certainly, this timeless watch could even start a trend of heirlooms being passed down from grandmothers to their granddaughters as well.

Rolex Blue Jubilee - So maybe this unisex watch isn’t just for the ladies – but that doesn’t mean it won’t look incredible on the wrist of a woman looking for a bold, unique fashion accessory. Stainless Steel case and an oyster blue dial? Yes please! Unlike other Rolex pieces, this watch is a celebration of everything that owning a luxury Swiss watch can be. It’s luxurious, stylish, one-of-a-kind and, frankly speaking, it doesn’t break the bank to own for yourself!

As you can see, the Rolex watch world isn’t just a man’s world. There’s room for the ladies and, should you look at even more of our Rolex collection, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect watch for yourself, or the special lady in your life.

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