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Make This a Father's Day to Remember with 1 of These 3 Watch Brands

Ah yes, another Father’s Day gift idea blog. I mean, what beats treating men like they’re all the same and force-feeding ideas as if each man is the same. At Watchfinder, we know that all men are created unique. Our selection speaks to men and women of all styles and walks of life. We literally have a watch for ANYBODY.  

But, you’re here because you’re looking for a special idea for your dad.  You’re thinking that, this year, a tie and socks won’t do it. Luckily for you we’ve got you covered.  We also want to streamline your search and we’ve found 3 brands that speak directly to 3 different types of men. This year, if you’re father falls into one of the 3 categories below, we’ve got the perfect gift to make him really enjoy his Father’s Day.

The Casual Dad - Graham watches are made for the understated, casual male. While the oversized nature may seem gaudy on this model, they’re watches are incredibly useful and can serve multiple purposes. This type of dad needs something he can wear without feeling like he’s the centre of attention. These luxury, rubber band watches are meant to be worn by dads who want to keep time at their kids’ sporting events or dance recitals. They’re meant for the “everyman” something that, at the end of the day, all dads have in them!

The Stylish Dad – You’ve got one of those dads who will forever look more stylish than you. He’s never dressed with the times – somehow, he’s managed to stay ahead of them. For this dad, there can be only one brand. Hublot has long been a status symbol of success. While many look to a Rolex as the standard in luxury watches, connoisseurs know the beauty and timeless appeal of having a Hublot draped on his wrist. You don’t want your dad looking like every other dad, do you? Keep him in style this Father’s Day and really surprise him with a classic piece from this luxury Swiss brand.

Hipster Papa – For this dad, nothing traditional will do. He needs something NO ONE will have. This is a man who is zigging when the world zags…and vice versa. For him, he can’t have a typical watch to go along with his attire. He needs something luxurious but understated. Our Ulysse Nardin watch line is stocked with watches that feature luxury faces with sleek leather bands that provide comfort AND style. Capable of being worn in any setting, this Father’s Day gift is the perfect gift for a dad that just won’t wear anything – but will wear what he does love whether at home, at the office or out on the town.

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