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Luxury Watches for Working Men

Respect oftentimes comes with how a man presents himself. That's why a man's appearance at work has an impact on how employees perceive him and how clients view him. If you want the man in your life to demand respect and feel confident this upcoming season, he needs a unique timepiece. Here are a few suggestions:

Corum Watches

Corum has been in business since 1952, surviving as a company thanks to a history of providing showpieces, rather than just your typical luxury timepieces. This Swiss watch company's most popular line is the Admiral Cup, but their coin watches put a spin on the concept that, “time is money.” Watches in this particular line feature a $10 or $20 coin and each limited edition piece sells out quickly.

When it comes to appearance, Corum watches focus on color. Watches produced by this company tend to have bold hues that aren't commonly found in other Swiss watch designs, making a watch from Corum stand out and make a statement.

Corum also incorporates embellishments not commonly found on other lavish watch brands. Corum has used bubble numbers in the past to make their pieces different. Your boyfriend or husband will demand respect when he wears a piece that not everyone has, giving him the confidence needed to handle his day thanks to the confidence he gets from pulling off a look that no other man has.


Jaeger-LeCoultre started production in the 19th century and has since created over 1,000 luxury watch models. Some of the watches have small movements, making them very diverse in comparison to other makes. The JLC Master Control collection offers pieces ideal for those who have a large watch budget. This particular line centers on the concept of vintage never being out of style. For men who are conscientious about time, the Master Chronograph has a tachometer, which also measures the distance of travel.

Jacob and Co.

A used Jacob and Co. watch is just as exquisite as a brand new one. The brand has long prided itself on crafting timepieces that do more than just tell time. Jacob and Co. offers a wide variety of choices for men who want more out of a watch. The Jacob and Co. Five Time Zone Diamond Pave Unisex offers a map of the world background and allows your special someone to know the time in different areas he does business in. The creativity of watches from this company goes beyond the average luxury watch designs. Concepts from Jacob and Co. include 3D elements, unique stones and so much more. Used Jacob and Co. watches hold value for these reasons.

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