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How to Start Collecting Luxury Swiss Watches

Are you considering starting a luxury watch collection, but intimidated by where to start? There is absolutely no need to be even a little bit apprehensive, because collecting top-of-the-line watches is easier than it's ever been. The Internet is an easy way to search and find exactly the watches you want including used watches that are more affordable than brand new watches. Now, it's time to narrow down your search.

Choosing Your First Watch

Your first watch in your collection is special, you should select a watch that bares some significance to you. Since you have been researching watch collecting for some time, now is the moment to decide which one is the one you will buy. Maybe you have a specific style or look you are going for such as round or square watches. Or it might be the color of the watch that you like. Many collectors have designers that they love, and start their luxury watch collection with one of their favorites.

Narrowing Down the Designer

Designer watches are truly treasures to cherish for a lifetime. When you are ready to wear a gorgeous piece on your wrist, you are ready to start your collection. Watch designers such as Frank Muller and Jaeger-Lecoultre are good starting points for a new watch collector. Frank Muller watches and Jaeger-Lecoultre watches have the reputation and collectability that mean they will continue to rise in value and you can find used Jaeger-Lecoultre at reputable dealers for more affordable prices.

Tips for Buying Your First Luxury Swiss Watch

Do your research. Get to know the designer line you are interested in and which watch you want. Make sure that you know exactly what the watch should look like and that the dealer you are buying from has a good reputation.

Consider starting your collection with used watches to lower the cost, but don't buy a watch just because it is lower in cost. Buy only watches you want to add to your collection.

Don't listen to trendsetters. Your collection is for you, so you should only buy what you love, not what is trendy at the moment. If the trends don't appeal to you, just search for the style that you like and go from there.

If a watch doesn't look good on your wrist, then it is not for you. If you aren't going to wear it, why buy it. Buy a watch that you love to wear and looks great with your wardrobe. After all, showing them off is half the fun of owning a watch collection.

Don't buy a watch just as an investment to make you richer. Watches may or may not appreciate depending on forces outside of your control. You may get lucky, but most times they depreciate like cars do. Value can change on a whim.

Labor of Love

Collecting watches is a fashionable labor of love. Once you know what you want in your first watch, follow the steps above and you are sure to find exactly the collectible that you are looking for. Then you can get dressed up and enjoy the feeling of your designer luxury Swiss watch on your wrist.

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